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Most people don’t like to think about the possibility of getting into an accident, developing a serious illness or losing valuable property. Unfortunately, these things happen to millions of people each year. Insurance can’t prevent property damage or injuries, but it can help reimburse you for your financial losses if a covered event occurs.

Boost Insurance, an insurance broker in Merrifield, Virginia, has a nationwide program designed to give you the best coverage at the best price. We can help you find high-quality auto insurance, life insurance, group health insurance, business insurance and insurance to protect your home and personal property. Boost offers a wide range of insurance services to residents of Merrifield, Arlington, Alexandria, Falls Church, McLean and other areas of Virginia, ensuring you can thoroughly address your business and personal insurance needs.

Independent Insurance Agency vs Individual Insurance Company

Working with an independent insurance agency is much different from working with an individual insurance company. When you work with a single insurance company, you only have access to the insurance options offered by that company. You may not be able to purchase a certain policy or increase your coverage limit as much as you’d like.

Working with an independent agency is much different. As one of these agencies, Boost has independent agents who are licensed to sell insurance products offered by multiple companies. With more options available, you can create a custom package of insurance policies that truly meet your needs. Independent agents can also help you save money by shopping around instead of telling you about limited options from a single insurance company.

Boost helps customers in Merrifield, Falls Church, McLean, Alexandria and other areas of Virginia find the insurance needed to protect their families and businesses against many types of losses.

Types of Insurance Coverage

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to insurance that works well for everyone. The type and amount of coverage you need depends on many factors, such as where you live, whether you own or rent your home, how much your personal property is worth and whether you have any chronic health conditions. Boost helps you find the best insurance for your circumstances, making it easier to address all your insurance needs.

Group Health Insurance

Although you have several options for health coverage, group health insurance is the most common. This type of health insurance is offered by an employer, union or other qualifying organization, which may help you save money on premiums. When you shop for group health insurance, you need to choose a plan based on your personal needs. For some people, choosing a high-deductible health plan is the best way to make health insurance more affordable. Other people need group health insurance with low deductibles and low coinsurance requirements due to their personal health histories. Offering several group health insurance options can help employers attract high-quality employees and be more competitive in the marketplace.

In addition to group health insurance, Boost can also help you find vision and dental insurance, Medicare Supplement Insurance, Medicare Advantage plans or Medicare prescription plans. Vision and dental insurance are fairly inexpensive, but they can help you save a significant amount of money on eye care, preventive dental services and treatment for problems with the teeth and gums.

Unlike group health insurance, Medicare is available to all Americans who paid Medicare taxes and have reached the minimum age for enrollment. Medicare Advantage offers the same basic coverage as Original Medicare, but it also provides access to extra benefits, which makes it a good option for some enrollees. Medicare Supplement Insurance helps cover some of the costs that Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage don’t cover. If you have a standard Medicare plan, you can also buy a supplemental drug plan — Medicare Part D — to make your medications more affordable. Boost can help you find a plan that makes your health-related expenses as manageable as possible.

Affordable Auto Insurance

When most people think of auto insurance, they think about the insurance policies they have on their cars and trucks. They don’t realize there’s a whole vehicle insurance category that covers cars, trucks, boats, recreational vehicles (RVs), motorcycles and off-road vehicles. Boost can help you get the best rates on each type of policy and ensure you have the insurance you need to protect your financial interests.

Personal Auto Insurance

Auto insurance includes coverage for property damage, medical expenses and liability. If your car is stolen or damaged in an accident, the property damage portion of the policy is what helps you recover from the loss. Medical expense coverage is designed to pay for emergency care, medical appointments and rehabilitation costs arising from an auto accident. This type of auto insurance may even cover funeral expenses or lost wages if the accident is severe. If you’re at fault for an accident, the liability portion of your auto insurance policy covers bodily injuries to another person or damage to the other person’s property.

Home and Property Insurance

If you’re like most people, your home is your most valuable asset. Homeowners insurance covers damage to the structure of the home as well as the contents of the home. It also includes liability coverage for injuries sustained on your property, including injuries resulting from dog bites and other pet-related incidents. If you live in an area prone to floods or earthquakes, you’ll need to purchase additional insurance if you want to be covered for this type of event.

Property insurance solutions aren’t just for homeowners. Renters can protect themselves by buying rental insurance, which pays for loss or damage to the property inside a rented house or apartment. This type of insurance policy also helps cover a renter’s living expenses should they have to stay with a friend or get a hotel because their rental unit has been damaged. It can even cover legal fees or medical expenses if someone is injured while visiting you.

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Business Insurance

Several types of business insurance ensure you have protection for losses related to the operation of a business. A business owners policy (BOP) combines property insurance with general liability insurance to give you the broadest protection possible. This type of policy can help you recover your losses in a wide variety of circumstances, such as if some of your inventory is stolen or your warehouse is damaged due to a tornado.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial auto insurance covers trucks, vans, cars and other vehicles used to operate a business. If you own a business, this type of insurance protects you in the event one of your drivers causes an accident or a work vehicle is stolen from the premises. Commercial policies pay for bodily injuries and property damage.

Commercial Umbrella Insurance

Your regular liability policy may not cover you in the event of a major loss. Commercial umbrella insurance gives you the extra peace of mind that comes with knowing you can respond quickly to unplanned events. If you land a new client, for example, they may require you to have more coverage than your liability policy offers. Instead of having to shop around for a different liability policy, you can buy commercial umbrella insurance to give you extra protection.

Life Insurance

When a covered individual dies, life insurance helps survivors by providing a cash benefit that can be used to pay off the mortgage, make rent payments or cover other living expenses. As an insurance broker in Merrifield, VA, Boost serves customers in several Virginia cities, including Falls Church, Arlington, McLean and Alexandria. We can help you determine how much life insurance you need and whether you’d benefit from having a whole life or term life policy. Our agents may even be able to help you secure a policy that builds cash value, providing additional protection against common risks.

Term life insurance provides coverage for a limited amount of time, such as 10 to 20 years. As long as the premiums are paid, the policy remains in effect. At the end of the term, the policy ends. Whole life is a little different. If you get this type of policy, you’ll have several ways to pay your premiums. You may even be able to borrow against the policy if you experience financial difficulties.

Connect With Boost

Boost is known for providing personal attention and great service to every customer. Whether you need a basic auto policy or property insurance for a business worth millions of dollars, we provide good value by educating you on your options, shopping around for the most comprehensive policy and helping you get a lower rate. Our agents can help you assess your risks and determine what kind of insurance you need.

To speak with one of our agents, call (855) 616-0187. As an insurance broker in Merrifield, Virginia, we work with clients in Arlington, McLean, Falls Church and other areas of the state. Using our nationwide network, we’ll create a custom insurance package that fits your budget.

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