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Finding a Falls Church insurance company that has enough different policy types to cover all your insurance needs might seem impossible. After all, what independent insurance agency realistically has everything you might need in one place?

Well, we do.

For more than two decades, Boost Insurance has been working with Falls Church customers to find the best policies to suit their needs. Our track record speaks for itself. From auto insurance to business insurance, our policies are comprehensive and tailored to meet the needs of our customers. We take the time to answer questions about the policies we offer so you know the policy you’re choosing is the best one for you and your loved ones.


vehicle insurance - Car parking in asphalt parking lot in a rowCar accidents are a part of life. However, when a collision happens, you’ll likely hope your Falls Church, VA, insurance agent sold you an auto insurance policy that’ll work as it should. There are few things worse than purchasing a policy only to find coverage doesn’t extend as far as it should, leaving you with the financial obligation. The ideal auto policy is one that boasts affordable premiums, extensive coverage and plenty of bells and whistles to make your investment worth it. The more expensive your vehicle, the more comprehensive your car insurance should be, especially if you’re financing or leasing your vehicle. These are the kinds of questions we encourage you to ask when purchasing a car insurance policy in Falls Church, VA.

One of our auto insurance agents will walk you through the policies available to you and make recommendations based on your current financial situation as well as the vehicle type you own. Since we pride ourselves on great customer service, we move at your pace when choosing a policy. If you need time to ask questions and seek advice or just want a quick rundown of what an auto policy offers so you can make a decision and move on, we can accommodate you.

Boost Insurance group has a reputation for offering our customers a wide array of auto insurance carriers to choose from. Each independent agent has the necessary resources and tools to help consumers select the auto policy that best characterizes the right coverage for their situation. Given the investment you’ve made in your vehicle, it’s important you have an auto insurance group that can offer you enough options to feel confident in your coverage.

Home and Property

home and property insurance - Exterior of the beautiful brown rambler with red doorYour home is your sanctuary, and covering it via a comprehensive insurance policy may seem like a no-brainer. From a renter’s insurance policy to homeowners insurance, there are enough products available to ensure your personal space is fully protected. Boost Insurance has been working with Falls Church, VA, residents for more than two decades, helping them choose home insurance products that are specific to their circumstances.

The result is an extremely happy customer base that has peace of mind knowing their homes are protected through insurance services that make sense for their needs. Our friendly staff prides itself on making recommendations about home insurance policies according to budget or coverage considerations.

Either way, we make sure you understand just how important it is to have coverage in the place you hold sacred. The benefits of these policies are unparalleled when it comes to the steps you might take to protect your space. Our core values are all about family and safety, so we’ve tailored the insurance services we offer our clients accordingly. Your home is your happy place, and Boost Insurance wants to help you ensure it’s covered for any event.


Business Insurance concept image - business documents on office table with smart phone and digital tabletGetting a business off the ground is no easy endeavor. Working with the right insurance group to get the best coverage for your Falls Church, VA, enterprise is just one step in a larger process. Boost Insurance has extensive experience working with business owners on policies that protect all they’ve worked so hard to build. We have an array of business insurance products to suit just about every industry.

Moreover, if we don’t already offer what you need in our Falls Church, VA, insurance inventory, we’ll stop at nothing to find the policy you need to have peace of mind in knowing your business is fully protected.

Business insurance is of paramount importance to protect your products and property as well as your finances, especially if yours is a company that has customers visit the premises. A Falls Church, VA, business insurance policy provides financial safeguards for your business, so if someone is ever harmed in your business or you suffer impacts from a natural disaster or theft, you’re less likely to meet with financial ruin.

Your Boost Insurance agent in Falls Church will go over the various business insurance policies available and make recommendations based on your business size and type. We’ll answer pertinent questions about policy considerations and work with you on changing your coverage type as your business grows. Moreover, we’ll make recommendations on the different types of coverage you might need for your business so you’re never paying for more than you need. As a reliable Falls Church, VA, insurance company, we know all too well how important it is to be covered without wasting money on policies you don’t actually need.


health insurancePurchasing health insurance is an investment in your well-being. As an insurance group, we’ve been operating in Falls Church, VA, for a long time and seen the needs of this community shift. Therefore, we’ve also cultivated a portfolio of health insurance policies that meet those changing needs. This assures that our customers have the level of insurance they need for all levels of wellness. We know that finding the right health insurance coverage means affordable premiums, expansive coverage and available customer service.

We offer health insurance from many of the major carriers and have developed industry relationships that ensure we can offer the best range of policies. We answer your questions about what your chosen policy does and doesn’t cover so you’re prepared in the event you need to utilize your policy. Moreover, if your life circumstances change, your insurance needs may change as well. We encourage our Falls Church, VA, clients to let us know when major life shifts take place so we can make recommendations on how to change your coverage accordingly.

Moreover, we offer group insurance policies for those who need a Falls Church, VA, business owners policy for health purposes. Because we pride ourselves on professional service, we’re constantly revising what we offer so we know it’s as comprehensive as possible, and competitive pricing is inherently part of the package.


Life insurance featured image - Happy young family with two children outdoorsChoosing the right Falls Church, VA, life insurance policy is about more than considering how to best care for your family should something happen to you. Boost Insurance believes life insurance should grow as you grow, which means it’s never too early to find a policy that suits your needs. Moreover, it’s important to have an insurance company that’ll make recommendations for shifts in your policy as you grow.

For instance, the insurance policy you have in your youth might not be the right policy for you as you begin a family of your own. We’ll work closely with you throughout your life to ensure the life insurance you have aligns with the stage of life you’re in.

Moreover, we take the time to make sure you fully understand the insurance coverage you have, especially where life insurance is concerned. There are many life insurance policies available, and you might not know how to whittle down the options. We encourage you to ask questions, share concerns and ask for alternatives as needed. This is the benefit of working with an independent agency in Falls Church, VA. This is what sets our customer service apart from other insurance companies in the Falls Church area.


RetirementRetirement is meant to be when you can really start to enjoy your golden years. You’ve put in the time working and raising a family. Retirement is meant to be just for you. As your dedicated Falls Church insurance company, one of the areas in which we pride ourselves is recommending retirement policies and plans that fit your exact situation.

Our professional agents believe it’s never too early to start planning for retirement. We’ll take the time to talk with you about any questions you might have about retirement insurance and financial products to make your golden years run smoothly.

We take the time to make clear recommendations about the plans that can benefit your needs in retirement. We’ll ensure you’re prepared for this stage of your life so you can take a much-deserved break.

How We Save You Money

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