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Your home is filled with all your most valuable possessions, from heirloom jewelry to expensive electronics. Homeowners insurance and personal property coverage can help you protect yourself in the event that your home is damaged or your property is stolen or destroyed. Boost has access to a large network of home insurance companies to ensure you can get the coverage you need.

Homeowners Insurance

If you own your own home, it’s important to protect yourself against potential losses. A homeowners insurance policy covers your home and its contents; it also includes personal liability coverage to protect you in the event someone is injured on your property. You also need homeowners insurance in case your home or its contents are damaged or destroyed. If a covered loss occurs, you can use your homeowners insurance coverage to replace personal belongings or make repairs to the dwelling, limiting your personal losses.

Condominium Insurance

Owning a condominium is a little different than owning a home on your own lot. Although condo associations carry insurance, their policies usually cover common areas and exterior structures, not your condo unit or your personal possessions. Condominium insurance companies offer policies that may cover hail damage, vandalism, damage caused by plumbing problems, theft and/or fire. These policies don’t usually cover flooding, damage related to your profession or damage caused by earthquakes, mudslides, rodents and similar problems.

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Renters Insurance

Even if your landlord has an insurance policy on their property, that policy is unlikely to protect you in the event of a major loss. If your apartment or rental home is damaged, rental insurance will pay for you to live somewhere else while repairs are being made. If the damage renders the unit completely uninhabitable, your policy may cover the cost of relocating. Rental policies also pay to replace stolen items or repair damaged items.

Personal Property Insurance

Your homeowners insurance or rental insurance may not cover every item in your home. For example, some policies only cover jewelry up to a certain amount, meaning you may need to purchase additional coverage. Personal property insurance covers things like cameras, musical instruments, hearing aids, wheelchairs, collectibles and fine art, among other items. Even better, the coverage follows you when you’re traveling, so your policy may pay to replace a watch stolen during a business trip or a camera damaged during your vacation.

Other Types of Property Insurance

Landlord insurance protects landlords against a wide range of losses, including equipment breakdowns, HVAC systems and personal property used to maintain a rental. This type of policy may also replace a landlord’s lost income if building damage interferes with rental operations. Manufactured home insurance pays to replace a manufactured dwelling and any accompanying structures under certain circumstances. It may also cover loss of use, personal belongings or additional living expenses.

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