What is Short-Term Health Insurance?

Short-term health insurance can be an affordable solution for those looking for health coverage during transitional periods in their lives. Learn if a short-term health insurance plan is right for you and shop the best available short-term plans with Boost Health.

Short-term health insurance gives you temporary coverage during a lapse in permanent coverage, protecting you from expensive medical bills that arise from unexpected health changes or emergencies. You are eligible for short-term health insurance if you:

  • Change jobs
  • Lose employer-sponsored coverage
  • Are waiting for the annual Open Enrollment Period
  • Attend out-of-state college
  • Other specific instances

Temporary health insurance can provide you proof of coverage you need to participate in various activities or vocations. If you need temporary coverage, our licensed Boost Health insurance agents will find the right plan for your specific needs!

What does short-term health insurance cover?

Short-term health insurance coverage will vary based on the plan you choose. Most short-term plans will cover emergency hospital visits, certain prescription medications, and some doctors’ appointments not related to pre-existing conditions.

Most temporary health insurance plans do not cover treatment for pre-existing conditions, maternity care, and mental health, among other items. Short-term plans do not guarantee the essential health benefits and protections in Affordable Care Act plans. Short-term plans may also have waiting periods, during which the plan will not cover certain conditions at the beginning of the plan. If you end one term on a short-term plan, and then begin another short-term plan, you may lose coverage for certain conditions that become pre-existing conditions and may have to restart any deductible or waiting period requirement in your plan. In some cases, you cannot extend your short-term coverage or buy another short-term plan when your short-term coverage ends. Short-term plans also generally have an overall maximum amount they will pay out in coverage.

Be sure to read the details of your plan carefully to understand the limitations of your coverage. The above summary is only general guidance, so you must review your plan’s official documentation to see your plan’s coverage, limitations, and restrictions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Short-term health insurance plans are typically much more affordable than major medical plans. Short-term plans are available for as little as $55 per month, * compared to at least $225 per month for major medical coverage*.

* This is the based on average pricing for plans from Boost Health, but actual prices available depend on zip code, age, gender, and other factors. Get a personalized quote to see what may be available for you.

Short-term health insurance can be a good option for individuals who are healthy and do not generally require health services or have regular prescription needs. Short-term health insurance is often worth it for those who want a health plan in case of emergency or need immediate coverage.

To qualify for short-term health insurance, you will likely have to fill out a health questionnaire and you may need to disclose any pre-existing conditions, which can disqualify you from obtaining coverage with a temporary health insurance plan. You may also be disqualified by some insurance companies if you:

  • are pregnant
  • are currently insured under another policy
  • are a man who weighs more than 300 pounds or a woman who weighs more than 250 pounds
  • have been diagnosed with, or treated for, HIV or AIDS
  • qualify for Medicaid
  • aren’t a U.S citizen

Please note this is not an inclusive list of all reasons you may be disqualified for a short-term plan. Plan qualifications will vary based on the carrier.

Employment Change

Laid off? Job loss? Get covered while in between jobs and employee benefits.

No Obamacare

Can’t get major medical coverage? A short-term insurance plan may help.

College Students

Attending college and need insurance? Short-term plans give you coverage when and where you need it.

Pre Medicare

Waiting for coverage? A short-term insurance plan can help protect you in the meantime.

Affordable Rates

Compared to other plans, short-term insurance can have low, affordable premiums.

Peace of Mind

Don’t fly without a safety net. A short-term health insurance plan can help you bridge the coverage gap.

Quick Approval

Many applicants are approved and get proof of insurance quickly, sometimes on the spot.

  • Flexible Terms
  • Short-term insurance can cover you for 30-90 days in most states.
  • Shop Short-Term Plans
  • Get quick short-term health insurance coverage with:
  • Easy applications
  • Modest premiums
  • Instant coverage

Temporary health insurance plans don’t typically offer the same amount of coverage as long-term health insurance. However, they provide emergency coverage for those who aren’t ready to purchase an ACA-compliant plan or need temporary coverage before their long-term health insurance plan kicks in.

Boost Health’s team of experienced agents are here to help you find the right plan and can also help expand your coverage to include dental and vision insurance.

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