What is a Business Owners Policy?

A Business Owners Policy (BOP) bundles two essential coverages: general liability and property insurance. This affordable insurance package protects you against the unexpected risks of doing business.

A big part of doing business is managing risks. But there are some risks you shouldn’t have to worry about as a business owner. With a business owner’s policy, you can protect yourself from unexpected risks that could hurt or bankrupt your business. A business owner’s policy is especially important for small businesses without the resources to deal with unplanned events.

Why You Need a Business Owner’s Insurance Policy

A business insurance policy helps protect your business in many ways. The policy bundles two coverages that are essential to your business: general liability insurance and property insurance.

General liability insurance covers costly claims and lawsuits that result from bodily injury to customers occurring at your place of business. It also covers small business owners for legal costs or medical costs associated with these claims.

Property coverage protects you from fires, natural disasters or other incidents that damage or destroy your place of business. It also covers your other valuable business property, such as:

  • Office equipment and other property damage
  • Warehouse or other business equipment
  • Products and inventory

Keeping Your Business Running When Times Get Tough

Business owner’s insurance also protects your business operations from loss of production and unexpected shutdowns. If you need to close your doors, business interruption insurance helps cover your income and any payroll expenses you have. And if the equipment you use is damaged or breaks down, we’ll help get your business running again.

Liability Coverage for Professionals

For businesses providing professional services, there’s always the unfortunate possibility of being sued as a result of the work done for one of your customers. For these specific occupations, professional liability coverage can safeguard your business from costly lawsuits and claims.

Protection Your Business Needs, Rates You Can Afford

At Boost Insurance, we know running a business is costly. More importantly, we know no two businesses are the same. That’s why we’ve developed affordable business owner’s insurance policies we’ll tailor to your specific business. We’ll take into account the kind of business you own, the value of your property and you as the owner to get you the best possible pricing.

  • Easily customizable policy to match your business needs
  • Equipment breakdowns, loss of income and money securities protection with no extra charge
  • Personalized guidance from our knowledgeable agents to help find the perfect policy

How Boost Helps Your Business Save

We represent a nationwide network of insurers so that we can provide the best policies, at the best rates. When you get your business owner’s policy through Boost, you gain access to the best and most affordable policies on the market today. Let us Boost your insurance.

  • Flexible and affordable policies and payment options
  • Personalized service and customizable policies made for your business
  • Policies designed to protect your business from a wide range of risks

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At Boost, we’ve helped business owners keep their lights on and doors open for over 20 years. Whether it’s repairing vital equipment or rebuilding after a fire, we’ve helped keep small and medium-sized businesses running when they needed us most. To start protecting your business today, fill out a free online quote, give us a call at 855-616-0187 or stop by our office to speak with our friendly staff.

How We Save You Money

  • We represent the country’s top insurers
  • One central place to get multiple quotes to make sure you get the right coverage for the most competitive price
  • Guidance to help you understand the different coverages that are suitable for your insurance needs and your budget
  • Only with Boost, you get annual reviews of your policy to make sure your rates stay as low as possible
  • Easy payment options, flexible down payments and personalized service
  • With nearly 10 years of experience, we’re here to help you each step of the way

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