What is commercial umbrella insurance?

When you’re running a business, preparation is everything. You need to be ready to jump at an opportunity when it’s presented. But by the same token, you need to be prepared for unplanned events or worse, an unexpected disaster. Commercial liability umbrella insurance helps you manage the worst-case scenarios that eclipse your existing liability insurance limits. It also gives you the flexibility to increase your protection across multiple policies.

How Commercial Umbrella Insurance Works

Commercial umbrella insurance protects you from unexpected events or disasters that exceed what your regular liability policies cover. Even liability insurance with extensive coverage won’t cover the worst-case scenarios that can cripple or bankrupt your business. For many, the question isn’t whether they need coverage but how much they need. This is especially so for businesses that:

  • Depend on multiple vehicles that travel frequently
  • Interact regularly with hundreds or thousands of customers
  • Actively and regularly work on properties not your own

Consider the costs of an incident where an employee causes an accident on the freeway that results in multiple injuries and catastrophic damage. Can your business cover the expenses your liability coverage won’t? With a commercial umbrella insurance policy, you’re taken care of in these situations.

Why Your Business Needs Commercial Umbrella Insurance Coverage

Commercial umbrella liability insurance protects you and your business from unplanned events and disasters. It also covers litigation costs when they exceed your regular liability coverage. If your business loses a lawsuit and the judgment outstrips your liability limits, umbrella coverage can help keep your business alive.

Umbrella business insurance is also useful in situations where you need additional coverage, such as:

  • Higher coverage requirements by landlords
  • Professional contracts requiring higher coverage than your general liability insurance provides

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