Protect Yourself and Your Bike with Motorcycle Insurance

We understand how riders feel about their bikes — the freedom of the open road, the pride and joy of climbing on their bikes on a Sunday morning. At Boost, our pride comes from helping our customers protect their valued motorcycles, and we’re good at it. Our motorcycle insurance provides the most coverage options for you and your bike, including:

  • Injuries you sustain in accidents with uninsured motorists
  • Collision coverage for damage to your motorcycle or equipment caused by an accident
  • Liability coverage for accidents that cause bodily injury or property damage
  • Vandalism, theft or other damages or losses to your bike and equipment, even when it’s stored for the winter
  • Expenses for roadside emergencies

Coverage for Every Kind of Motorcycle

Whether you’re riding a classic rod or offroading in an ATV, Boost has you covered. We provide insurance policies for every possible kind of motorbike, including:

  • Factory-built and custom motorcycles
  • Classic motorcycles and trail bikes
  • Scooters and minibikes

And we’ll help protect all your gear, too. We can document your custom parts and equipment, such as a sidecar or protective gear, to make sure your motorcycle is covered from top to bottom.

A Motorcycle Insurance Policy That Saves You Money

At Boost, we leverage a robust network of nationwide providers to locate the best policies, at the best prices. Motorcycle insurance costs vary based on your driving record, the value of your bike, and the area you’re in. Our knowledgeable agents understand these nuances and work hard to get you an amazing price on the coverage you need. We’ll work hard to get you the motorcycle insurance discounts you deserve.

Our insurance plans also take into account the seasonality of motorcycles, and we’ll save you money during the off-season. While other riders cancel their plans when winter hits, our comprehensive coverage keeps you covered all year long while saving you money.

The Best Motorcycle Insurance Policies, A Proven Track Record

We’ve helped hundreds of motorcycle enthusiasts cover their bikes, and our experts know how to make sure you and your bike are protected from fender to fender. And by leveraging our nationwide network of insurers, we’ll find the best possible coverage at an unbeatable price.

  • Find and compare the best motorcycle coverage in your area
  • Quickly get an online quote for your bike and equipment
  • Leverage our helpful staff to find a policy that works for you

Protect Your Motorcycle With Boost Insurance

Our knowledgeable staff knows how to get the most from insurance coverage for your motorcycle and all your equipment. We’ll help you find the best motorcycle insurance, with the best coverage, at the lowest prices. We’ll even review your policy every year to make sure your costs stay low.

  • A wide selection of providers to find a policy that matches you
  • Easy policies tailored to your needs
  • Affordable motorcycle insurance with flexible payment options
  • Knowledgeable agents to help you get the most from your policy

At Boost, we represent only the very best motorcycle insurance providers. By leveraging our helpful staff and premier network, you can find the perfect motorcycle insurance coverage that matches you and your riding goals.

Get a Free Quote Today

We have the expertise to help guide you through every step of the process, from selecting a policy based on your riding habits to documenting all your valued equipment. Get started today with a free online quote, give us a call at 855-616-0187 or hop on your bike and swing by our office.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our motorcycle rating plan takes into account the seasonality of motorcycles, so cancelling your policy in the winter does not provide much benefit. In addition, even though you don’t ride your motorcycle year-round, you may still need insurance to protect it while it’s in storage.

All drivers must have a current, valid driver’s license to drive the type of vehicle they intend to operate.

Custom parts and equipment, like a side car or protective gear, can be covered if it’s included in your insurance policy. We help you document your custom parts and equipment, so you’ll know it’s covered in case of an accident or theft.

Your premium for motorcycle insurance will depend on many factors. Where you live, your driving record and how much your bike costs to replace will impact the cost of motorcycle insurance. And, of course, the coverage you select plays an important role in premium costs. Call us 855-616-0187 to get a quote for your motorcycle.

How We Save You Money

  • We represent the country’s top insurers
  • One central place to get multiple quotes to make sure you get the right coverage for the most competitive price
  • Guidance to help you understand the different coverages that are suitable for your insurance needs and your budget
  • Only with Boost, you get annual reviews of your policy to make sure your rates stay as low as possible
  • Easy payment options, flexible down payments and personalized service
  • With nearly 10 years of experience, we’re here to help you each step of the way

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