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Buying health insurance is one of the best ways to protect your family against rising medical costs. A traditional health plan covers a wide range of services, including hospital stays, emergency room visits and appointments with health care providers. Although you may have to pay a co-pay or coinsurance, you’ll pay much less than you would if you had no health coverage at all. Boost offers a wide range of health insurance plans to meet your needs.

Individual and Family Health Care Coverage

Boost offers three types of individual and family plans. Affordable Care Act plans cover preventive care and many of the services you might need if you or someone in your family is sick or injured. One of the main benefits of this type of health plan is that you can’t be turned down for having a preexisting condition. ACA plans also cover 10 essential health benefits, including treatment for mental health conditions.

Medical Indemnity Plans

Medical indemnity insurance plans pay a fixed amount for each service you receive. Purchasing this type of health plan can help make your medical costs more manageable. If you have a traditional insurance plan, for example, you may be able to use the medical indemnity coverage to pay your co-pays or deductibles.

Short-Term Health Insurance Plan Options

Short-term health care plans are a good way to protect yourself if you need time to arrange other coverage. For example, if you leave a job, you may not qualify for coverage at your next job until you’ve been with your new employer for 30 to 90 days. Short-term insurance covers you during this period. You may also want to purchase short-term insurance if you’re waiting for the ACA open enrollment period or plan to attend an out-of-state college and need time to arrange for coverage in your new state.

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Medicare Health Coverage

If you’re Medicare-eligible, we can help you find a Medicare Advantage plan, a Medicare Part D plan or a Medicare supplement. Medicare Advantage is a type of Medicare plan offered by a private insurance company instead of the federal government. As part of the Medicare contract, each health insurance company must provide the same level of coverage as Original Medicare, the government-managed program. Many insurers choose to cover additional benefits to make their plans more attractive to consumers.

Original Medicare doesn’t cover most prescriptions, so many people purchase Part D prescription drug coverage to make their medications more affordable. Part D plans are also offered by private insurance companies, giving you a wide range of options. Medicare supplements cover some of the out-of-pocket costs associated with using your Medicare benefits. For example, a supplemental plan may cover your Medicare deductibles.

Vision and Dental Coverage Options

Health insurance doesn’t cover most vision and dental services. Unless you want to pay the full cost of these services out of your own pocket, you should have vision and dental coverage. Vision insurance typically covers eye exams, eyeglasses, contact lenses and general vision care, while dental insurance covers things like routine dental cleanings, root canals, fillings and tooth extractions.

Boost represents the country’s top insurance companies and gives you competitive quotes to ensure you get the best price for your coverage. Whether you need an ACA plan for yourself or coverage for your entire family, Boost is ready to help. Call (855) 616-0187 to explore your options and request a quote.

How We Save You Money

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