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A vehicle insurance policy protects you against losses incurred while you’re operating or riding in a wide range of vehicles. Without insurance, it would be difficult to replace a damaged vehicle or pay the medical bills stemming from an auto accident. Boost Insurance makes it easy to find the best prices on auto insurance and learn more about your vehicle coverage options.

Auto Insurance 

Almost every state requires motorists to purchase auto insurance from a licensed insurance company. Auto insurance policies include property coverage, liability coverage and medical coverage, protecting you in the event of an accident. Property coverage pays to replace or repair your vehicle, while medical coverage pays for the cost of treating any injuries from a covered accident. Liability insurance covers your legal obligations to other individuals involved in the accident.

Many states have minimum coverage amounts for car insurance coverage, but that doesn’t mean you have to purchase the bare minimum. You may be able to increase the amount of coverage on your auto policy to give yourself additional protection. It’s also important to understand the difference between collision coverage and comprehensive coverage.

Collision insurance pays for damage that occurs when your vehicle hits an object, damage to your car caused by someone else hitting you and damage to your car that occurs in an accident that was your fault. Comprehensive insurance pays if your car is stolen or if it’s damaged by fire, flood, falling object, fire, vandalism or other threats. When you compare car insurance quotes, you’ll be able to see how different types of auto insurance coverages affect your premium.

Motorcycle Insurance

If you have a motorcycle, your car insurance policy won’t cover it, no matter how much coverage you have. Your insurance company will require you to purchase a separate policy just for the motorcycle. Like car insurance, motorcycle insurance may include collision coverage, liability coverage and coverage for vandalism or theft. Some policies even cover expenses incurred due to a roadside emergency.

Boat and Watercraft Insurance

Whether you have a small fishing boat or a yacht, a boat or watercraft insurance policy will cover damage caused by common risks. For example, if your boat takes on damage and sinks, your policy may pay to repair or replace it. Some policies even cover wreck removal, emergency service or temporary repairs. 

Off-Road Vehicle Insurance

Off-road insurance covers bodily injury to you and other people, vandalism, theft, fire damage and other types of losses. Vehicles covered by this type of insurance policy include all-terrain vehicles, golf carts and snowmobiles.

Recreational Vehicle (RV) Insurance

Like an auto insurance policy, RV insurance covers property damage, theft, vandalism and bodily injury caused by an accident. You may need to purchase extra protection for items inside the vehicle, however.

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