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If you’re like many people in Arlington, VA, you need insurance for different aspects of your life. That’s why our team at Boost Insurance company is proud to offer superior service and a variety of insurance products to meet your insurance needs. Whether you’re searching for auto insurance to cover a new car or business insurance for a new start-up, a Boost Insurance agent can find a policy to protect your interests.

Look to us for insurance coverage options that include:

  • Auto insurance
  • Home and property insurance
  • Business insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Life insurance 

Retirement Annuities

Here at Boost, we believe shopping for insurance should be empowering and affordable. To help you make informed decisions, we offer educational guides about our different insurance products. When you’re ready to move forward, we partner with a network of top nationwide providers to help you find the right coverage for the best possible rates.

Professional and Personal Insurance in Arlington, VA

The best coverage for you depends on your situation. If you run a business in Arlington, Falls Church or northern Virginia, you might need professional coverage for yourself, your office and your employees. If you already have insurance through your employer, you might simply need gap coverage for extra peace of mind.

At Boost, we can help you find the right type of policy for any situation. We offer a wide range of coverage types — a Boost Insurance agent can help you find temporary health insurance coverage or a policy that covers your ATV.

Auto Insurance

Get coverage for all of your personal and recreational vehicles to protect you in case of an accident. Most auto insurance policies offer both legal and personal protection. Liability car insurance takes care of your legal obligations to others — it can compensate other people for injuries or property damage. Like most states, Virginia requires Arlington residents to carry a minimum amount of auto liability coverage for injury and property damage.

Your auto insurance also helps you recover from an accident.  If your vehicle is damaged, the insurance company can help pay for repairs; if you’re hurt, the car insurance policy can defray or cover medical bills. Most importantly, it gives you peace of mind every time you’re on the road in any type of auto.

At Boost Insurance, we offer insurance coverage for vehicles including:

  • Car insurance
  • Motorcycle 
  • Boat and watercraft
  • Off-road
  • RV

RV insurance - Modern RV camping in the forest

Property and Home Insurance

When something happens to your home in Arlington — a fire, for example, or a natural disaster — a homeowners insurance policy can help you recover financially.

Most types of home insurance cover damage; they also cover your legal responsibilities to people who enter your home. That way, you’re protected if someone gets injured on your property. At Boost, we offer policies that cover traditional homes, condos and manufactured homes.

If you rent out your property here in Arlington, landlord home insurance is a must. These policies cover your buildings, protect you from lawsuits and offer coverage if someone is hurt on your premises. If a covered disaster damages your building, insurance can also compensate you for lost income and pay for the expenses when tenants move back in.

Do you rent a home yourself? We have options for you, too. Renters insurance covers damage to your personal property; it can also provide living expenses if your home is uninhabitable. Some policies also provide liability coverage to protect you and your guests.

Look to Boost Insurance for policies to cover:

  • Homes
  • Condominiums
  • Rented properties
  • Landlord-owned properties
  • Manufactured homes
  • Personal articles

Business Insurance

Running a business opens you up to a variety of risks. Business insurance can help reduce your liability and keep operations running smoothly. General business insurance is similar to homeowners insurance — it covers your property and the people in it.

If you run a small business in Arlington, VA, you might not have room in the budget for expensive lawsuits; insurance covers those costs and helps your company stay afloat.

At Boost, we can help you customize coverage to suit your company’s insurance needs. Find policies to protect company vehicles, contractors and regular employees. For extra protection, we offer surety bonds and umbrella policies to prevent you from bankruptcy.

Our business insurance policies include:

  • Business owners
  • Commercial auto
  • Contractors policy
  • Commercial umbrella
  • Workers compensation
  • Surety bond

Health insurance - Portrait of happy family

Health Insurance

For many people in Arlington, health insurance is a top priority. Whether you’re popping in for a routine checkup or getting critical health care services, your insurance policy controls the costs — in some cases, it can determine your financial future.

At Boost Insurance, we understand that your health insurance policy has a real impact on your life. To help you find the right type of coverage, we offer a variety of plans:

  • Individual and family
  • Medicare Advantage
  • Medicare Part D
  • Medicare supplement
  • Short-term health
  • Vision
  • Dental

Shopping for health insurance doesn’t have to be difficult — we offer a cost and benefit comparison for all your chosen policies so you can examine them side by side. From Affordable Care Act (ACA) plans to Medicare Advantage, we have a policy for everyone. If you’re waiting for the next ACA enrollment period, our short-term policies provide gap plans.

Employer-sponsored health insurance plans don’t always include vision and dental coverage. At Boost, we can help you find specialized policies. If you need to visit the eye doctor or dentist, you can relax knowing that you’re getting in-network prices. When you need new glasses or an emergency dental crown, these policies can help cover the costs.

Life Insurance 

Do you have dependents? A life insurance policy supports them financially in case you pass away unexpectedly — it can help cover the mortgage, college educations and everyday living expenses. At Boost, we offer both temporary and permanent options.

Life insurance is more than a death benefit; it can be part of your overall wealth-building strategy. Some policies build a cash value over time, so you can borrow against them to meet cash-flow needs in the future. Others give you the freedom to choose your investments and maximize growth potential.

Choose from three types of life insurance:

  • Term life
  • Universal life
  • Whole life

We work with the nation’s top life insurance providers; each one has high financial strength ratings and an exceptional track record, so you can invest with confidence.

Retirement Annuities

Are you looking for ways to supplement your retirement income? Annuities are one potential solution. An annuity is a special type of insurance contract — you pay into it during your working years, and it provides a guaranteed income after you retire. 

Here in Arlington, living expenses can be high. If your employer-sponsored retirement, Social Security and other investments don’t meet your needs, annuities can help bridge the gap. They can give you the extra funds to cover basic costs or provide a financial cushion. Some annuities also provide a death benefit for your loved ones.

Boost Insurance company can help you find three primary types of annuities to suit your risk tolerance and growth preferences:

  • Fixed annuities
  • Variable annuities
  • Indexed annuities
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Save Money and Time With Boost Insurance 

Whether you need a single insurance policy or multiple insurance products, our agents at Boost Insurance can help streamline the shopping process. There’s no need to call around to multiple providers — our agents offer good service and a central location to research, compare policies and get quotes. 

At Boost, we represent the best insurance providers in the United States. When you search for coverage in Arlington, we offer options from a variety of companies. You can examine each policy in detail and use our guides to learn about each type.

Are you considering plans from different providers? Our industry-leading comparison tool makes it easy to see them side by side. There’s no need to hunt through each policy to find the details; we’ll line them up so you can compare plans on a line-item basis.

From monthly prices to limits and exclusions, this process takes the hassle out of insurance shopping. Plus, there’s always an insurance agent on hand to help.

Get the Best Price for Insurance in Arlington

Insurance prices can vary wildly between providers and insurance agents. If you’re shopping with each insurance agency, it can be hard to find the best value. At Boost Insurance, we leverage our network to provide the best rates for our customers.

Experienced Insurance Guidance and Excellent Customer Service

We know insurance can feel overwhelming, especially if you have a family or a business to consider. As you research policies, an experienced Boost Insurance agent is always on hand to provide answers. Contact our agency with questions — with nearly 10 years of industry experience, we’ve seen it all.

Find Affordable Insurance Coverage in Arlington, VA

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How We Save You Money

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  • Only with Boost, you get annual reviews of your policy to make sure your rates stay as low as possible
  • Easy payment options, flexible down payments and personalized service
  • With nearly 10 years of experience, we’re here to help you each step of the way

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