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Boost Insurance customers in the greater Virginia and Washington areas enjoy peace of mind knowing their personal belongings and futures are secure with comprehensive insurance packages. Reach out to one of our experienced insurance agents today to learn about the insurance packages you need to cover every aspect of your life, from business, home and auto insurance to health care and whole life insurance policies.

Go online for a free quote or call 855-616-0187 today to find out more about our affordable insurance packages. We’ve served thousands of customers in the Virginia area and team with industry-leading nationwide insurance brokers such as State Farm, Allstate, Progressive and Humana to bring you the quality insurance packages you need at the best prices.

Health Care Insurance

Getting health insurance can be a complicated and possibly frustrating activity, so seek help from an experienced insurance agent who knows the Springfield insurance marketplace and how to get you set up with the best health care insurance for you and your family. Boost Insurance agents can guide you through the process of finding short-term health care or help you sign up with a more permanent solution.

Whether you need guidance to the best company on the Affordable Care Act (ACA) health insurance marketplace or are looking to fill the gap in your health insurance with supplemental vision and dental coverage or life insurance, Boost Insurance company in Virginia can give you a list of qualified health care insurance providers that offer the services you need at an affordable cost. 

Licensed Medicare Insurance Broker in Springfield, VA

Whatever stage of life you’re in, whether you need to increase your coverage to provide health care to a new family member (congratulations!) or are looking to sign up for a Medicare plan, our experienced health care insurance agents can help. Signing up for Medicare can be very complicated, so speak with an independent insurance agent to review your current insurance situation, figure out if you need Medicare Advantage or a supplemental package and find out how to sign up for service in Springfield, Virginia. 

Car Insurance Coverage in Springfield, VA

Don’t waste your time hunting for the best auto insurance rates in Springfield, Virginia — contact Boost Insurance agency for a helping hand. We reach out to a nationwide database of insurance providers, such as Progressive and State Farm, and give you our top-rated, hand-picked results. We strive to guarantee you’re offered a comprehensive package, with the six standard policy types and any extras that might help you out, such as roadside assistance. A typical auto insurance policy covers financial losses incurred from:

  • Bodily injury
  • Vehicular damage
  • Any medical bills or other financial needs related to an accident
  • Liability coverage in the event of an accident with an uninsured motorist

Reach out to Boost Insurance in Springfield, VA, today to speak with one of our helpful insurance agents who can set you up with a comprehensive policy to safeguard yourself and your vehicular assets against damage.

Off-Road Auto Insurance

Boost Insurance in Springfield, Virginia, can connect you with the right auto insurance company to safeguard all your vehicles, whether they’re for work or for play. Our off-road vehicle insurance covers anything from four-wheelers, trail bikes, RVs and toy haulers to snowmobiles and everything in between. When you’re trying to enjoy some time outside in the sun, the last thing that should be on your mind is the financial risk that could come from an accident. Comprehensive insurance policies keep you from having to pay for damages to your toys as well as any bodily injuries that might occur, just in case.

Insurance for Marine Vehicles

In addition to auto insurance policies, Boost Insurance offers packages for watercraft, including sailboats, fishing boats, kayaks and canoes, jet skis and more. Protect yourself in the event of a marine emergency such as a capsizing watercraft, an onboard fire, inclement weather or theft. When you want to have fun on the water, make sure you carry a life vest and a comprehensive watercraft insurance policy. Call Boost today to speak with one of our friendly insurance agents and ensure you have the right policies needed to safeguard you and your loved ones while on the water.

Personal Property and Homeowners Insurance

home and property insurance - Exterior of the beautiful brown rambler with red doorRenters and homeowners alike need to protect their personal assets in the event of theft, fire, natural disaster or other impactful life event. If you’re a homeowner or landlord, you’ll need a full property protection policy. Those who are renting a home or condominium need to ensure their assets and personal belongings are secured and will be taken care of if they need to make an emergency move. Boost in Springfield, VA, provides all types of personal property and home insurance, including condo insurance and insurance for property stored in a storage facility.

Home Insurance for Landlords

When you’ve invested your time and money into rental property around Springfield, Virginia, you’ll want to partner with a trusted insurance agency to shield your assets from financial loss. Cover yourself from losses due to equipment breakdown, loss of heating or air conditioning or loss of income while renting. Homeowners insurance is important to safeguard your investment property, as well as insurance on any home loans you may possess.

Call a Boost Insurance agent today to find the right policy for your investment property, such as a Tenant Move Back Policy that covers moving and related expenses when renters need to temporarily vacate the property. A seasoned insurance agent can walk you through the policies you’re legally required to hold in the state of Virginia, as well as any extra protections you might want to invest in. Rent your properties with confidence by holding comprehensive general liability and building coverage policies.

Insurance Coverage for Renters

Most landlords require some type of renters insurance, as do storage facilities. Renters insurance typically covers:

  • Damage to personal belongings in the event of a fire, theft or natural disaster
  • Personal liability damages
  • Living and relocation expenses if a temporary move is required, such as for cleaning or pest control
  • Emergency medical expenses for guests staying in the rental unit

Whether it’s required in your situation or not, it’s a good idea to have a backup plan for areas of your housing that aren’t covered by the landlord’s insurance policies. Here are a few tips for submitting a claim for renters insurance in the Springfield, VA, area:

  1. Take photos of items you’re insuring to prevent any delays in reimbursement by claims adjusters.
  2. Create a thorough inventory list of all your valuables, including their costs and any other pertinent information.
  3. Contact the police as needed if theft, vandalism or some other crime is the cause for the claim.
  4. Expect the claims process to take around a month to complete, with initial communication occurring between one and two weeks after you submit your claim report.
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Business Insurance

Business owners and independent contractors need to carry liability insurance to guard themselves against financial liability from accidents that happened on the job or within the company. Workers compensation and other policies need to be held to legally meet your company’s specific needs. Boost Insurance company serves Springfield, VA, and Washington entrepreneurs with business insurance for companies of all sizes.

If you’re a sole proprietor or an executive of a large business and want to protect yourself against business-related liabilities or to insure your business vehicles, properties and other assets, call Boost Insurance agents now for a free business insurance quote.

Independent Contractors’ Insurance Needs

At Boost Insurance, we value the hard work you’ve put into your company and strive to help you protect your efforts as a small business owner. Search out one of our licensed insurance agents in Springfield, Virginia, to find out about the type of business insurance coverages you need and sign up for a Contractor’s Insurance Policy. We offer a wide range of insurance products for independent contractors, including:

  • Business property insurance
  • Liability business insurance to financially secure you against expensive legal matters
  • Business property insurance for buildings, garages, storage areas and other real property
  • Property of others insurance for instances when customer’s property is damaged under your care
  • Completed operations coverage for any damages incurred to people or property during construction or service projects
  • Broad installation floater coverage for property that’s being transported or installed
  • Mobile equipment business insurance
  • Income loss protection
  • Data security insurance in the event of identity theft or compromised data such as customer information
  • Hired auto insurance to protect against financial responsibility incurred during the use or maintenance of a hired driver
  • Ordinance or law protection in case one of your projects or repair endeavors accidentally breaches state or local building ordinances

Retirement Savings Insurance: Annuities

If you want to avoid being one of the 40% of retired people who rely on Social Security benefits for half their income, set yourself up for a relaxing retirement with an annuity account. Annuities are one of many retirement securities offered, providing a guaranteed lump sum or recurring payment upon retirement. With fixed, variable and stock market-based options, there’s a flexible retirement insurance plan perfect for you. Studies show that only half of people have access to retirement savings when they reach retirement, but you can make an investment in your future with a retirement annuity.

If you’re in need of any insurance products in the Springfield, Virginia, area, contact Boost Insurance company at 855-616-0187 to speak with a member of our helpful insurance agent team today. We can review your retirement and insurance accounts and help you determine the best way to secure your lifestyle.

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