Reston, VA, USAAt Boost Insurance, you can feel secure in the knowledge that you’re protected in the event of a costly emergency. When you need peace of mind with life, health, home or auto insurance, Boost has your back. Serving hundreds of people in the Reston, VA, area for over 20 years, our team of expert insurance agents is ready to help walk you through the different types of insurance you may need. We partner with industry-leading insurance companies locally and nationwide to connect you with the right resources to meet your insurance needs.

Not only is it wise to protect your assets with insurance, but it may also be legally required. In Virginia, as well as Washington, Maryland and the District of Columbia, auto insurance is required to operate a vehicle, and many landlords require their tenants to have renters’ insurance. Speak with a Boost Insurance agent today to ensure you have the best insurance coverage to secure your world.

Auto Insurance

Virginia residents probably know car insurance is legally required to drive a car. Boost Insurance company offers insurance packages for all types of vehicles, from your work car to your canoe. An auto insurance policy is multifaceted, with specific contracts to protect you financially from:

  • Medical bills and bodily injury expenses resulting from vehicular accidents
  • Repairs and possible replacement of vehicles damaged in accidents
  • Losses from theft or natural disaster
  • Costs resulting from an accident with an uninsured motorist

Standard automobile insurance policies last for six months and are billed as either a one-time payment or in monthly installments. Most auto leasing companies require special insurance in addition to the six standard kinds of coverage. Go online to get a free quote and learn more about your specific auto insurance needs.

Motorcycle Insurance

Like most places, people living in Virginia must hold a sufficient amount of auto insurance to be able to operate a motor vehicle, and the same is true for those riding motorcycles. Operating without the proper insurance can bring a fine or license suspension or even cause you to lose your car or bike. Avoid hefty impound fees — call Boost Insurance company today to get set up with a comprehensive collision, liability and bodily injury insurance package.

Boost serves the greater Virginia area, including Maryland, Washington and District of Columbia residents, providing excellent insurance coverage for all their personal, business and recreational vehicles.

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Boat and Watercraft Insurance

Take every safety measure you can when enjoying time on the water and guard your vessel against losses in the event an emergency happens. Common boating perils such as fire, theft, sinking, water damage, collision and storms can prove costly, so contact Boost Insurance company to get the insurance coverage you need. Types of boats insured by Boost include:

  • Yachts
  • Runabout/sports boats
  • Jet skis
  • Sailboats
  • Fishing vessels
  • Canoes and kayaks
  • Houseboats

While Virginia law doesn’t require boating insurance, there are registration and licensing requirements. It’s a good idea to insure your marine vehicle as well as personal property, however, so speak with an insurance agent today to get started on your journey to aquatic leisure.

Off-Road Vehicles and RVs

When you enjoy spending time in the outdoors, you might have one or two big toys that need special protection. Boost offers comprehensive bodily injury, theft, accident and other auto insurance types for off-road vehicles such as:

  • Golf carts
  • Trail bikes
  • Dune buggies and four-wheelers
  • Snowmobiles
  • Camping trailers

Choose an insurance company that is not only well-versed in the laws in the Reston, VA, area but is dedicated to providing its customers the lowest rates for comprehensive car insurance. Boost Insurance company’s nationwide program offers off-road auto insurance from a market of competitively priced insurance agencies to give you the best options to pick from. Call now to talk about how to safeguard your off-road vehicles, whatever your off-road hobby is.

Home and Property

Whether you rent or own your home, you’ll want to protect your property from incidents such as theft, fire and natural disasters. Boost customers in the Reston, VA, area can also protect their personal goods in storage facilities with a personal articles policy. Additionally, Virginia landlords and condominium associations may require their tenants to purchase a personal articles policy. Call Boost today to speak with one of our industry expert insurance agents who can guide you to the right package for your personal property insurance needs.

Business Insurance

Virginia business owners and independent contractors can reach out to Boost for the best business insurance services in the area. We can help you secure your business with a range of liability and property insurance policies, as well as commercial umbrella insurance to handle any gaps in coverage. Whether you’re a one-person crew with a single work truck or a multinational corporation with a fleet of vehicles and acres of property, we can connect you to the best commercial insurance company for your business.

Health Care

When you’re looking for individual or family health insurance in the Reston, VA, area, reach out to Boost to find the policy that fits your lifestyle. Our team of friendly insurance agents can walk you through the best policy for you, no matter what stage of life you’re in. We can help you figure out which of the three insurance types you need and help you navigate the health care insurance market.

The most comprehensive plans are typically found with the Affordable Care Act (ACA) or Obamacare, which help customers make regular doctor’s visits for preventive care as well as helping with chronic illnesses and medical emergencies. Short-term insurance policies provide less coverage but are available on the open market if you’ve missed the cutoff to sign up for standard insurance.

Many health insurance company offerings include vision and dental coverage in addition to the standard general medical coverage. Speak with a knowledgeable health insurance agent at Boost today to find out what coverage you need to maintain your good health. Boost Insurance agencies can also help you navigate the complex Medicare waters and set up your Advantage, Part D or Medicare Supplement insurance.

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Life Insurance

Life insurance is an important policy to hold, meant to help your loved ones financially when you’re no longer around to take care of them. Costs such as burial fees and other expenses can prove a heavy burden during an already stressful period. Give yourself peace of mind by setting your family up with the resources they’ll need when you pass away.

Whole or Term Life Insurance

Whole life insurance is a permanent type of insurance policy that guarantees your family a cash payout in the event of your death. Whole life policies can build cash value over time, providing access to resources during major life events. While whole life insurance policies are more costly, they provide the extra benefits of permanent insurance as well as cash resources over time.

As opposed to whole life policies, term life insurance is a policy with a set end date and doesn’t have a cash value. Term life insurance policies are a more flexible and affordable insurance option. Most term life policies last from 20 to 30 years and will need to be renewed if the customer outlives their policy.

Universal Life Insurance

When you want an affordable and flexible insurance account to safeguard you and your family’s future, look to universal life insurance. Boost Insurance agents can connect you with the right plan to guard against future insecurities such as:

  • Loss of income
  • Unexpected expenses or mortgage costs
  • Resources for educational needs
  • Estate and business planning costs
  • Cash resources in the event of an opportunity to invest

With a permanent universal policy, you can increase or decrease your coverage and premium at any point and create an account value to draw from in case you need access to cash in the future.

Insure Your Retirement With Annuities

In contrast to simply saving for retirement, an annuity provides an extra layer of financial insurance post-retirement. According to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), an annuity is a contract you can purchase from an insurance company in exchange for guaranteed payment at a future date. There are several benefits to having an annuity account:

  • Tax-deferred growth: Taxes aren’t due on gains until you withdraw the money.
  • Death benefits: Your surviving relatives can receive payment from your annuity if you die before receiving payment.
  • Guaranteed income: You (or your spouse or other specified beneficiary) will receive a lump sum payment or periodic insurance payments over a specific period of time.

Save With Boost Insurance Company

By reaching out to industry-leading insurance brokers in the area around Virginia, Washington and the District of Columbia, our independent agents are able to find you a selection of quotes to choose from, ensuring you get the best rates for your insurance needs. Get a free quote now and get back to business with peace of mind. 

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